Think Bane’s too small in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? Tom Hardy says “Trust me. Trust Nolan”


We’ve heard Anne Hathaway respond to the criticism about Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, and now in an interview Cine Movie, Tom Hardy has a few words for the Bane doubters. Hardy bulked up to 190lbs to play Bane, but after seeing the first official photo (and set photos) some fans still aren’t convinced that Hardy will be faithful to the muscled wrestler they love in the comics. Here’s what Tom Hardy had to say:

I’m at 190[lbs]. Bat-fans want me to be over 220lbs. 400lbs. I’m like dude! Batman is like Superman, Spider-Man — he belongs to so many people. So many people love him. He belongs to them, and when you step into that kind of character, you are going to fail. And be judged. I’m human, and I do read things. I read the comments, and I cry. I can’t cry for everybody. I just give them a job, and be the best that I can be. Just trust me. I trust Nolan.

Thanks to Latino Review for the transcript, and Tom Hardy Party for the comparison photo.

What do you guys think? Do you trust Hardy and Nolan? I do!

SOURCE: Cine Movie

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  • Knightquest2005

    Nolan is the best director shut up you 120lb an boys and role with the movie Hardy will be awesome as Bane

  • Ldwhite2

    to put it plain and simple. These movies are to be with a more realistic spin on them. Tom Hardy is 190 lbs of lean cut muscle. And the character is trained extensively in martial arts and is a genius. Is there anyone that is on this thread that would not be intimidated by that. If you say no, then you are a  liar.

  • Batfan23

    Can’t belive how much he changed!!

  • Garmanbozia

    Clearly looks bigger than in february!

  • Adam The Strange

    Jesus! He did that in 5 months! That’s insanen especially sinc he has Wrrior coming out as well! He’s enormous! I think he’s going to look great. Bale isn’t huge, Nolan is a genius, and Hardy is stacked! That equals ENORMOUS BANE!

    • kerton

      Pile on the right type of calories and spent 4 hours in a gym for 5 days each week and anyone is capable of doing that if you’re already physically fit, it’s all high impact work though, very tough regime.

  • The Dork Knight

    Hardy’s gonna be awesome!!! If in any doubt check out BRONSON 

    (from a totally unbiased Brit)

    • I have no doubt in his ability to perform. I’ve learned from two movies that when Chris Nolan cast someone they’re gonna bring it.

  • TDKR2012

    4000lbs???? easy, I’m 400lbs…. but let’s just say, most of that isn’t muscle ;)……. (just kidding btw, i’m not 400lbs)

    • DevGau614

       must all be table muscle!

  • Banealghul

    Hardys the man for the job, hes a better actor than just a hired muscleman for the job to play bane, the character of bane needs to be developed on and not just a big dumb strong guy (Cough…Batman and Robin…Cough..) all you fan boys out ther who complain about bane not being big enough, i bet you couldnt put on a pound of muscle, harder to be wise than easier to criticise

    • Veronica-bellotti

      so agree with you.its going to be a fantastic film.Nolan is soooo good at spoon feeding his people into doing stuff that they thought they were or unable to do.Shut up you little boys who criticize,your soo pessimistic.Nolan probably only lets you see spoilers that he wants you to see,don’t treat him so ignorant.he KNOWS what he’s doing.How long have you little boys been in the business?,

  • CarlosB

    I trust both of them!!! They clearly know what they are doing and its great that Anne and Tom respond about the fan reaction it goes to show you all that they wanna make a great film and for us to have patience :) As for the negative reaction towards both characters then what you would rather have Joel Shumacher come let him taker over?????????come on guys lets have faith on everyone on the fim!

    • CarlosB

      I mispelled take and film lol my bad guys

  • Jackie Channing

    I remember first being introduced to Tom Hardy in the underappreciated ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’ (2002) but the world took no notice of him until the last couple of years. Now he is playing a villain in the final film in my other favourite franchise.I look forward to seeing him fellow Star Trek alumni Chris Pine in This Means War and Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises.

    • Jackie Channing

      I look forward to seeing him fight fellow Star Trek alumni Chris Pine in This Means War and Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises.

    • kerton

      It was more to do with Tom Hardy having some major personal issues, so he stepped back from big cinema roles, and concentrated on theatre and TV in the UK mostly.

  • Buck Bhavnish

    That movie has something in store for us. The whole cast is like ‘Trust nolan..its gonna be great..great script..fabulous script…he out did himself from the dark knight…etc etc’ I really think its gonna catch everyone by surprise..especially the haters. There is gonna be something in that movie that no one would ever have expected. I have no clue what and I dont wanna know either..but its gonna blow ppl’s mind. Am pretty damn sure

  • Trust Hardy, trust Nolan!!!!!!

  • Jacob

    I think the fact that christian bale isn’t really buff will make bane look even more intimidating. 

  • Aroffol

    I have seen Bane on set, as I was an extra at Heniz Field in Pittsburgh, and he looked awesome. He definitely fits the role and plays the character well. He has done an amazing job and looks great, I can’t wait to see him in the completed movie. I trust him and Nolan. Great job Tom, keep up the great work :)

  • Two thoughts. First off: Hardy is totally back in my good graces after that strange Starbucks comment. He is a sensitive actor, gotta be tough to deal with the unpleasing fan boys. He has been redeemed after opening up like that

    Second thought: I wonder if they’ll make him look bigger in post production. At the end of the teaser he looks bigger than Batman, but in set photos he isn’t. Perhaps they’re using trick photography or special effects to make him look huger? Just a thought. 

    • kerton

      He explained that comment and most people understood that he meant a huge franchise in general, not that particular franchise.

  • Ryan17

    I can’t wait until this movie comes out and all the haters are proven wrong once again by chris Nolan.

    • Antrozous

      Christopher Nolan eats haters for breakfast. Or is it by tea time?

  • resudes

    As the saying goes ‘you can’t be all things to all people’. Do the very best you can and the hell with what the haters think. They can have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up!

    • Ollieboy5

      The saying is “I became all things to all men”. 1 cor 9:22. It’s in the bible dude…

      Nolan rules!

      • resudes

        Oh, I’m so sorry! LOL!!!

        • Ollieboy5

          Haha!! I totally agree with you though!

          • resudes

            BTW – ‘have a coke and a smile and shut the….up’ is in Eddie Murphy Raw, not quite as well known as the bible but…y’know :-)

  • Robespierre

    You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves for bitching and crying just because Hardy didin’t look EXACTLY how you wanted. Well sor-ee he couldn’t just instantly sculpt his body to suit your pathetic, fetishtic desires.

    You people mocked Ledger and called him a homosexual just because he played one in a movie and because you wanted someone else for the part. You ridiculed him, you mocked him and when he was revealed as the PERFECT JOKER you relented, with your tail between your legs and acted as if you had supported him from the start.

    Now you mock Anne Hathaway and the level of sickening misogyny turns my stomach. You don’t look at her acting, instead you pick apart her physical appearance as though she were a pice of meat, not a human being, just something to be moulded so you can jerk off to your perfect little fantasy of what Catwoman should be.

    And you do the same with Tom Hardy. He’s not big enough, he’s not tall enough, he doesn’t have the right ethnicity for the part, he’s not that overrated guy from No Country For Old Men.
    You people disgust me, I condemn you people, you make me ashamed to be a fan of the movies and the comics.

    I will always give the actors the benefit of the doubt and treat them as professionals with a job to do. I respect them and their craft. Which is more than you people ever did.

    Rant over.

    Bear in mind that I wasn’t referring to people on this site. But the type of people who I KNOW have been criticisng Hardy and Hathaway for no damn reason whatsoever. Their bullshit basically caused me to leave SuperHeroHype.

    • OneEyedWillie

      Yeah, i feel the same about…

    • DevGau614

       Well…someone is a little sensitive…arent they?  For the record, I was a little surprised by the choice to make Ledger be the Joker.  Yes, I criticized because I recall him from his “10 things I hate about you” days and didnt believe he could pull it off.  And I was wrong.  He did a great job- and died before he could reap the benefits of the performance (though I hear it was caused by the medication he had to take because he was disturbed over the movie).

      As for Hathoway.  Im not impressed with her costume.  Granted we have seen very little, and what we have seen seems to be receiving overall poor reviews.  I have no doubt of Hathoway’s ability to play any role.  Ive seen her in everything from Princess Diaries to Rachel Getting Married.  I have no doubt of her ability to perform the character needed as Nolan requests, but I am concerned about how she will be asked to portray the part- and her costume as a whole.  You have to admit, there isnt much “Cat” in what we’ve seen so far.  It has nothing to do with any misogynistic tenancies- and you may want to look up that word.  Womanizing may be a more appropriate term.

      Also, there’s Bane.  Ive carefully watched everything put up on Bane so far.  We critique because it doesnt follow the ORIGINAL storyline.  I understand there is a level of “creative control” exercised by Nolan- but one has to follow the general storyline- lest Batman fail to be Batman.  Hardy can also play the part.  No, he’s no 6’10 brick-shithouse, But I dont think he needs to be to play the part.  Buff:  YES.  He has to have the background of Bane- and that means the accent.  I wouldnt be surprised if they alter the voice in editing like they did for Scarecrow.  And I would shoot someone if they put Javier Bardeem in the film.

      What you FAIL to understand is that it goes along with the job of being an actor.  Every actor is going to have critics that will like them and everything they do… and critics that will hate every word they utter and think anyone who hires them is a complete idiot.  This is especially tru when a story is re-created.  Original Nightmare and remake… Some love it, some hate it.  It comes down to personal preference and people have a right to express themselves.  Bottom line, actors are basically dancing monkeys.  Dance, monkey! Dance!  It comes with the territory of being an actor- and its something every actor must deal with.  Hathoway handled it well, Hardy is not, and Id bet Nolan is sitting back and laughing his ass off because he knows whats around the bend and he knows its going to shut most critics up pretty fast- but some will remain unconvinced and this film is just not for them.

      Basically, Robespierre, chill the F out.  Its opinion.

      • The only thing people have had to wig out on in regards to Bane’s voice is the Heinz Field video. Didn’t Hardy say that you can’t even understand him when he’s wearing it? It’s obvious that dialog  when he’s in the mask is going to be dubbed. I still don’t think it even WAS Hardy speaking at Heinz Field; I mean, if you can’t understand him, how are people supposed to know what he’s saying? 

        Secondly, Nolan is deceptive with his films. They knew fan video was being taken everywhere in Pittsburgh, and they probably knew someone would be filming the scene, so they brought out Mr. Proper Englishman to deliver Hardy’s lines. 

        Did anyone pay attention to The Prestige?

        Also how has Hardy not handled criticism well? That one baffles me.

      • pyg

        Actually, Robespierre is completely right and you’re wrong. And not only are you wrong, but you’re acting like a douchebag. Dancing monkeys? Get the fuck out of here with that shit.
        The truth is that the criticism of Hathaway HAS been unpleasant and misogynistic and unlike you I understand that word perfectly and it perfectly describes the kind of BS some fans – like yourself – have thrown at her.
        ‘Oh, her breats are too small.’
        ‘Her teeth are too big.’
        ‘Her hair’s too long.’
        It’s objectifying her and it’s fucking disgusting. How dare you defend that kind of sickening, chauvanistic bile. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        • DasGiggity

           Dude, you are SO wrong.  This guy is saying he thinks entertainers should entertain… Like “dancing monkeys” should “dance”.  Like seriously, Hathoway is SMOKIN!  I dont think anyone is complaining about how she looks- more of the costume is not impressive.  A hot chick in skin-tight leather on a motorcycle?  No one got any room to complain there.  Second helpings, please!  I totally doubt any guy would complain if Hathoway showed up buck-naked in their bedroom!  This dudes a fool if he has an issue with Anne’s looks.  Doe-eyes, bro.  Doe-eyes.  Dude look up misogyny.  Its about hating women.  I totally do not think this guy hates hathoway.  I think he hates her costume as it relates to other cat-women in the past.

    • Mattbrw08


  • OneEyedWillie

    That guy will own! He acts like a beast, take a look:

    Besides, as i said many times, the thing about Bane will be focused in attitude, not on size. Well, on size too, look the shape of the dude! He is a fucking bull!He definitely doesn’t need to apologize… nor Anne Hathaway. The critisism came from some crappy set pics. People have to wait to critisize when the damn movie hit theaters. Well, many many many fanboys will burn their tongues…

    • Sammy Doja

      NICE Willie
      yeah i wanna watch Warriors now Lol
      Love the part where he say’s you owe me 200 bucks

  • Milionarie Stranger

    chris nolan brought batman to a real world where a milionarie regular man can be an super hero. Try to jump off an building and rescue an chinese dude dressing link a giant bat and than you will know how big your enemy will be. The movie atmosphere is so real that you can feel the punchs in your face, its heavy. Tom hardy is big enough to break Bales back in half. i’m russian, sorry for this bad english.

    • h4v0k_528491

      perfect english. i am russian but i just dont know how ro speak it but i will learn soon

    • OneEyedWillie

      Yeah, by seeing Nolan’s bat-movies i forget that i’m watching a superhero movie. The shit is real, more like a criminal drama than a comic book movie, you know? Said so, can you imagine a guy dressed  in SM fetishist clothes, wearing a luchador mask, appearing in TDKR? How ridiculous this could be!

      Do not worry, rusky! I’m from Brazil, so the guys here are used to reading some shitty english! lol

      • But Batman Begins had a mixture of both comics and drama which is why was liked a little more than The Dark Knight by some like me.Don’t get me wrong.I LOVED TDK.I mean although BB  was kinda iconic,it looked believable and that’s what I liked about it.Hopefully,Nolan’s getting back to Batman Begins’ style.
        Your English is pretty good,dude

        • OneEyedWillie

          As a movie fan, i like BB more than TDK. I think it was a greater challenge than TDK, afterall it’s an origin story… always a difficult thing to make. So, BB is more stylish, more elegant.
          TDK is more dense and brutal, more “in your face” kinda movie… Well, the two films complete each other nicely, so i’m dying to see how Nolan will bring the closure in TDKR. This one is the hardest of all 3!!

          Nah, my english is high school as shit!

        • Antrozous

          In the end of the day Batman Begins is in every aspects a better Batman movie. I now laugh of those who critized Batman 89 for not being a Batman movie or because they let The Joker steal the show and if we are honest we´ll have to admit that to a certain degree The Dark Knight is also everything but a good Batman movie and The Joker once again steals the show…

          I have no doubt whatsoever that this third chapter will be better than TDK and will be a better Batman movie as well and in the end with the trilogy completed we will have a great story arch!

          • Yeah,imagining that TDKR will be even a better Batman movie than Batman Begins(which was better than the TDK) is so,so thrilling.

          • OneEyedWillie

            This is Nolan’s greater challenge: break the “3rd chapter” curse and make the better one of a trilogy! And i think he’s pretty aware of it… if this come true, will be an inedited achievement.

          • kerton

            Joker has to steal the show, that is the Joker. He IS a showman.

  • Bat-Kevo

    As I told everyone have hope in nolan he knows what’s he doing as u see on the 2 sided pictures he was once skinning n now he’s riped n 100% the best bane out n they can use some movie magic but not to much he’s find just the way he is so lol

  • Anonymous

    The fanboys wanting a 400 pound Bane need to grow up. You’re not going to get that in a Nolan film because it wouldn’t be plausible. As for Hardy’s height, there are ways to shoot him that make him taller. First and foremost, they need to get a good actor who can do the character justice. How he looks is secondary. And if you want to know what happens when a casting decision is based on looks first, I have to words for you. George Clooney. Schumacher cast him because of his jawline. We saw how well that turned out.

    • kerton

      I agree but a lot of the blame for that film goes on the script and direction.

  • How do Nolan and his cast feel when they read haters’ comments?Laughing at how stupid some people can be(even after having seen the perfect Joker Nolan and Heath made)or getting mad at their stupidity?!!!!!!!!Both of them,I guess.And I think the cast are blowing up with excitement for this film.I’m so excited to see how excited a film cast is.

    • OneEyedWillie

      I’m not worried about it, ’cause i read an interview, that Nolan said he’s never ever goes to the internet, never read websites and stuff… even the mobile, he barely uses it! The dude is old school as shit!

      But i’d like if the TDKR crew indicating some good sites with good expectations, intelligent points of view and positive attitude as

  • Quotemuncher

    Tom says, “I just get on with the job”  instead of “I give them a job” as misquoted here from the audio.  So if anyone thinks they will shortly be employed by Tom my apologies on behalf of Chris.

  • batdude

    Tom Hardy is going to be great. I live in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to actually to meet him yesterday, he was a very nice guy.

  • look at those goddamn boobytraps! bane will go neck and neck with batman in his rubber duck suit! not only that, he probably will destroy him intellectually, cause it’s clear that Hardy packs and additional amount of brain in those traps!

    • Linterna

      oh well, that’s enough “bane” to me :p

  • Narniageek92

    I trust you.

  • EBostock

    Were all  talking about his physical size , but you have to remember he has the acting chops to mix it with Bale , i have never had one doubt about Hardy in this movie and people who do have doubts about his size its all right you will always have Batman and Robin for your Meat Head Bane , The rest of us will watch Hardy reinvent the character for a whole NEW generation !

    • OneEyedWillie

      That is my high hope: i don’t like Bane from comics, but the good thing is: taking a character and totally revamp him up, make him reference and influencing other medias, comics included! Just as the Joker did!


    This guy sounds like he doesn’t care about being in the last movie of the franchise, i mean, he’s like “yeah…. is my job, whatever…..” I trust him, and trust Nolan, but that attitude is the one i don’t like

    • h4v0k_528491

      maybe he is really tired

    • Anonymous

      No actually he sounds like he’s tired of listening to fanboys who have no patience and have already made up their minds about a movie that has even finished filming. What is it with certain fans? Do they expect actors to be overjoyed at their roles? This is their jobs and you can’t expect them to be excited about it everyday. Take anyone in some other industry who loves their job and I doubt you’ll find them expressing joy every day.

      • EBostock

        What is it , with you @BigNoseDog you keep commenting and labeling everyone sad fans who should not even have an opinion on this movie , you did it to me when i suggested i would like to see a new suit , Yeah i disagree with people who think Hardy is not big enought but that does not mean their opinion does not count , quit with the condesending attitude towards fans who just want to talk TDKR .

      • Sammy Doja

        Shut the Fugg up

    • OneEyedWillie

      I think he doesn’t need to apologize at all! This kind of thing could just disturb his job even more…

  • TheGuardianofArlon

    So instead of “I believe in Harvey Dent its “I Trust in Nolan”?

  • Vido

    i was never a doubter.the fact is that bane isn’t just a pile of muscles.he’s a master martial artist, wrestler, tactical and psichoanalitic the fact that hardy is 190lbs pure muscle.bane is gonna be one of the best villains ever in this film.can’t wait

  • Sammy Doja

    Ha to all you mother fugga’s that thought Tom Hardy was too small for Bane.shit even a little Tom Hardy would kick some ass

  • antiph0bia

    “There’s so much more to Bane than muscle.”
    So true.

  • thaBearJeW

    Even with hardy gaining like 60 pounds he still looks way to small to play bane. My opinion, this role is not for u my friend,but If u were to gain like another 50 or 60 I’d probaly change of heart.

  • Jac

    I do believe things will be done to make him appear larger in the movie, theres always ways to do that. One way is to just get a massive pump (lots of blood flow) to fill up the muscles before scenes. That makes a giant difference and they do that in movies quite often. He could easily look 30-40 pounds heavier than he actually is.
    The thing that is always in the back of my mind though, is the fact that Bale was 220 in Batman Begins. So essentially, Batman at that point in time dwarfed Bane, who is only 190.

  • Zach88

    To be fair it was never a weight problem, it’s a height problem. Bane is supposed to be close to 7ft tall. Tom Hardy is barely taller than Bale.

    I do trust Nolan though

  • Thejokersmiles13

    Maybe Nolan should have casted a separate actor to play Bane after he’s on the venom…..O wait joel schumacker did that already and we got B&R and Bane came across as the world’s stupidiest villain who could only say one word at a time. I wonder how many 6’8 350lb actors are available in hollywood who you know could ACT! O well can’t please everybody now.