‘Batman vs. Superman’ Batmobile is finished, could appear at San Diego Comic-Con (video)

As part of their VIP studio tours, Warner Bros. holds a “Meet the Family Speaker Series” for fans. One of last night’s guest speakers was Cassandra Salapatas-Metz, the Assistant Director of Transportation at Warner Bros.

During a Q&A session, a fan asked if Warner Bros. has plans to bring the Batmobiles, including the new Batman vs. Superman Batmobile, to San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary. Salapatas-Metz wouldn’t confirm anything, but admitted that it’s been talked about.

Well, I’m not at liberty to say. But I think you might have a point there. But I think — let’s put it this way — it’s been spoken of, so always possible. We’re at the ready — us teamsters. We’re ready to roll if need be.

Salapatas-Metz also confirmed that Ben Affleck’s new Batmobile is finished and currently “under wraps”. Check out the video above for more. The question comes up around the 1:16:25 mark, but pressing “play” should automatically take you there.

SOURCE: Meet the Family Speaker Series (via Man of Steel Fanpage)

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