Michael Keaton kept saying “I’m Batman” during ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ fight scenes

Batman-Returns Michael Keaton

If you haven’t heard, Michael Keaton is playing the villain The Vulture in the upcoming movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. In a new interview with ShortList magazine (via CBM), Spider-Man actor Tom Holland said that Keaton kept dropping Batman quotes on set!

When asked what it was like working with Keaton, Holland said “Pretty cool. He’s a badass. We have a fight in the movie and I punch him. He turns around and says [in a deep voice], ‘I’m Batman.’ He kept doing Batman quotes on set.”

I hope there’s footage of that on the Blu-ray!

Keaton will be the perfect Spider-Man villain too. Check out this old interview from 2015, where Keaton calls Spider-Man a p*ssy and says that Batman would never cry.

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