Mel Gibson offers update on directing ‘Suicide Squad 2’

It’s been a couple of weeks since it was first reported that Mel Gibson was in talks with Warner Bros. to direct Suicide Squad 2. Gibson confirmed that he was on a “first date” with the company, and last night at the Oscars he went into a bit more detail.

“I don’t know,” Gibson told ET when asked if he was directing Suicide Squad 2. “I just met some guys about story points. It’s not a done deal or anything. But it’s just fun to shoot the bull when it comes to stories. I love doing it. And if we can elevate any kind of concept it’s good. We’ll see.”

Suicide Squad won an Oscar last night, and Gibson has a couple of Oscars to his name as well. Hopefully Gibson will decide soon as to whether or not he’ll take on the sequel.

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