Warner Bros. CEO misquoted, announcement coming later this year [updated]

DC President Diane Nelson

Last week it was reported that Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer said DC Entertainment would have an announcement regarding plans for its superheroes in about a month.

Yesterday DC Entertainment’s president Diane Nelson spoke with Comic Book Resources and explained that Meyer was misquoted and they have no plans to announce anything next month.  “Mr Meyer, by his own admission, was misquoted, so we’re not going to be making that announcement in the next month, but we will be discussing a lot of our content plans before the end of the year,” she said.

It is still unclear if Batman will be a part of this upcoming superhero announcement, but I have a hard time believing Warner Bros./DC will not include their most popular superhero in such an anticipated announcement. So while the news we’ve been waiting for may not be coming next month, it’ll definitely be here by the end of the year.

Update: Nelson also dismissed rumors that DC would be following in Marvel’s footsteps to bring all their superheroes together on screen like The Avengers. Here’s what she said in an interview with IGN:

“People make an assumption that we’re going to mirror Marvel’s strategy, for example with Avengers,” Nelson told us. “We do have a very different attitude about how you build a content slate. And it isn’t necessarily about connecting those properties together to build into a single thing. We think we’ve got great stories and characters that will lend themselves to great standalone experiences, and that’s the way we’re focusing on it.”

Update 2: Deadline is now reporting that they’ve heard the announcement is coming in 4 weeks. All this announcement news is making my head spin. At least we can count on something before the end of the year. The sooner the better!