Aaron Eckhart Talks Batman 3 Rumors

There hasn’t been a lot of Batman 3 news lately, so I thought I’d share this small piece of news. It turns out Aaron Eckhart is a Batman fan just like us! He recently told Popcorn Biz that he’s dying to know what Nolan has planned for Batman 3.

Eckart says he’s keeping up on “all the gossip, like having Angelina Jolie in it or Johnny Depp in it – I’m digging all that kind of stuff!” And he’s not above going to his own inside sources. “In fact, I just talked to Chris [Nolan] the other day. I saw him and I said, ‘So, Angelina as Catwoman?’ I talked to him about it as a fan, you know? I’d like to see that. Or Johnny Depp as the Riddler, right?”

He says he’ll watch Batman 3 and be happy with what Christopher Nolan has come up with. Eckhart’s Two-Face has caused quite a bit of controversy in the Batman world.

Debates go on to this day whether or not Two-Face really died. Eckhart has stated in multiple interviews (including this one) that Two-Face did die in The Dark Knight. With Nolan’s non-linear story telling style, it’s possible Eckhart might be reprising his role in Batman 3 in flashbacks. We’ll have to wait and see. What do you think? Will Aaron Eckhart return via flashbacks in Batman 3? Let me know in the comments and hit up the source link for the full interview.

SOURCE: Popcorn Biz