Batman 3 Officially Titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Won’t Include The Riddler

We have a title! Christopher Nolan confirmed that his final Batman movie is officially titled “The Dark Knight Rises” in an interview with Hero Complex. Nolan was more excited to confirm that Warner Bros. has agreed to let him film in IMAX, rather than the 3D format they were pushing for. The most surprising part of the interview however, is the fact that Nolan confirmed The Riddler will not be one of the villains in The Dark Knight Rises. Those are the major points from the interview for now, though Geoff Boucher says he’ll post more later today [Update: Click here for part two, where Nolan discusses IMAX vs 3D]. Hit up the source link for the full interview and let me know what you think about the official title and absence of The Riddler in the comments.

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