Will ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Be Shot Entirely in IMAX?

Last month Christopher Nolan revealed that Warner Bros. has allowed him to shoot The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX, rather than the popular 3D format. In the interview, Nolan said that he was “looking to do something technologically that’s never been done before”. Well according to Collider’s trusted source, that “something” is to shoot the entire movie in the IMAX format.

The Dark Knight was the first feature length film to be shot with an IMAX camera. Nolan chose particular scenes for IMAX, because while it provides the ultimate image, it does have some drawbacks. The cameras are loud, so it’s difficult to use them in scenes with dialogue. They’re also very heavy and hard to move around. Collider believes that a smaller, and much quieter camera has been developed. If they can get this camera in Nolan’s hands before filming begins next April, it’s likely he’ll use it.

The Dark Knight was the first feature film to be shot in IMAX, will The Dark Knight Rises be the first to be shot entirely in IMAX? We’ll have to wait and see if this rumor turns out to be true. For now, check out this featurette explaining how The Dark Knight was filmed in IMAX and how the process of using IMAX technology can create an amazing picture.

SOURCE: Collider