Will ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ be based on ‘Prey’?

A few days ago I posted a rumor that Hugo Strange may be in The Dark Knight Rises. Since then, it’s spread like wild fire, with nearly every major movie website reporting it and giving their two cents. Total Film predicted that The Dark Knight Rises would be inspired by the comic Prey, and ScriptFlags today offers a bit more to this rumor. According to them, they’ve received word from a PR contact that Nolan’s final Batman film will in fact be based on Prey. If you’re not familiar with the story, here’s a great summary from Screen Rant:

In the famous Batman storyline “Prey”, Hugo Strange is tapped by the Gotham P.D. to work up a profile on the Batman, in order to help the police catch the vigilante. Strange is said to have been raised in “Hell’s Crucible,” a tough Gotham neighborhood not far from “Crime Alley,” that infamous site where Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered. While brilliant, Strange is also violent and unstable – in one version of his origin he was suspended from his tenure at Gotham State University for conducting bizarre experiments that transformed people into mindless, destructive (and deformed) brutes.Strange becomes increasingly obsessed with discovering who Batman is, and eventually with actually becoming Batman himself (which he eventually does, doing some terrible things in Batman’s name). The twisted villain eventually deduces through his psyche examinations that Bruce Wayne is likely Batman, and uses that knowledge to turn the police against the vigilante and lure Batman to his doom.

Sounds interesting right? This story seems like it would line up perfectly with the way The Dark Knight ended. Now we probably won’t see Prey page-for-page on the big screen in the summer of 2012, it’ll likely just be used for inspiration, the way Year One and The Long Halloween were used for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Do you think a story based on Prey would make for an interesting film? Let me know in the comments!

SOURCE: Total Film, ScriptFlags