‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is NOT filming in New Orleans [Update]

The LA Times’ Hero Complex blog just tweeted confirmation that The Dark Knight Rises will not be filming in New Orleans. Christopher Nolan is very close to Hero Complex, and even revealed the title of his final Batman film in an interview with them a few weeks ago.

However the part of the tweet that I don’t think is accurate is where it says New Orleans was never “part of the plan”. I’ve spoke with someone in New Orleans who was competing to get a job on the film. Warner Bros. was definitely interested in shooting in New Orleans for tax breaks, and even scouted a few locations. The New Orleans deal wasn’t going to be finalized until February, and it looks like the deal fell through. I’m not the only person who heard about the possible New Orleans shoot. SuperHeroHype, ComingSoon.net, and Screen Rant (via a Nolan Fans podcast), to name a few, all heard about Warner Bros.’ interest in New Orleans.

Update 12/05/10: Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex has taken the time to clear up this New Orleans/Warner Bros. confusion in the comments section. Here’s what he had to say:

The sites great and thanks for all the link love!! I don’t want to sound argumentative but just to be clear:
Warner Bros is interested in keeping Chris Nolan happy at this point and I have no doubt that people on the very large payroll of Warners go around all the time and try to line up options for him. But really any “they” that was interested in New Orleans isn’t the “they” that makes decisions on this movie. If Emma Thomas says it was never ever discussed (which she did say) then I’m not really sure it merits this much discussion.