Angelina Jolie ‘flattered’ by Catwoman rumors

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(The Catwoman comments start around the 33 second mark)

Shortly after The Dark Knight was in theaters, fans had already picked their favorite actors to play the villains in what would be The Dark Knight Rises. Johnny Depp as the Riddler and Angelina Jolie as Catwoman were commonly discussed across various message boards online. MTV caught up with Jolie to talk about her new movie The Tourist (which also stars Johnny Depp), and asked what she thought about the Catwoman rumors. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

MTV: Christopher Nolan is hard at work on his third “Batman” film, “The Dark Knight Rises,” and the Internet has decided you’d be perfect to play Catwoman. Whatcha think?

Jolie: I haven’t heard anything about it, but I thought they did it.

MTV: Well, yes — once with Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” and again with Halle Berry in 2004’s “Catwoman” — but never in Nolan’s version of the franchise.

Jolie: “I see. Thank you. Flattering.”

It’s not much, but December is going to be a slow news month so I wanted to share it. Angelina Jolie’s name did not appear on the short-list of actresses competing for the two female lead parts, but what do you think? Would Jolie make a good Catwoman? You can check out the video after the break for the full interview.