Christopher Nolan is scouting locations in Asia for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ [Update]

Hero Complex just sent out a tweet stating that Christopher Nolan is looking at locations in Asia to film The Dark Knight Rises. I wonder what he’s looking for that he can’t shoot in the Cardington hangars or Chicago? Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Update: Asia is a large continent and Hollywood Reporter offers more details on exactly where Nolan is looking. According to them, Nolan is currently in India.

Inception producer Emma Thomas called husband and filmmaking partner Christopher Nolan in India to deliver the news their movie had nabbed four Golden Globe nominations, a jump up from Nolan’s last movie, The Dark Knight, which only garnered one nomination in the acting category. The announcement caught Nolan, in India and in the midst of a worldwide scout for the next Batman movie, by surprise.

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