Warner Bros. confirms LA, the UK, and more for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Scene Magazine, Louisiana’s premier entertainment resource, recently interviewed Ravi Mehta, the SVP of Production at Warner Bros. Mehta brushed off the New Orleans rumors and said that The Dark Knight Rises will be heading to Los Angeles, the UK, and an unnamed third city. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Scene: Are we going to get to interview Christopher Nolan in a couple of months?
Ravi Mehta: [Laughs] Someone took that story and ran wild with it. I know they are going to the U.K., L.A. and there will be a third city.

Los Angeles was on the rumored list that hit the internet a few weeks ago, along with Detroit and New York. I’m still surprised that Mehta didn’t confirm Chicago when talking about filming locations. Perhaps that’s the third city he hinted at? Earlier this month it was reported that Christopher Nolan was in Asia as part of a world wide search for The Dark Knight Rises locations.