Producer Charles Roven talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

In a recent interview with, producer Charles Roven was asked about The Dark Knight Rises, his next project with Christopher Nolan.  He didn’t say much, but here are some excerpts from the interview:

When asked about The Dark Knight Rises:

We’re really excited to be doing another film with Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas. We’ve had great experiences working together. I just really enjoy making those films and being there to help Chris try and realize this amazing vision that he’s had for his Batman series.

When asked if Batman & Superman will appear on screen together (Nolan is producing the upcoming Superman:  Man of Steel):

No. That may be in somebody’s mind but right now the Batman lives in his world and the Superman lives in his world. Those stories are those stories and we haven’t thought beyond each individual picture.

When asked if The Dark Knight Rises would be Nolan’s last Batman movie:

Well, I think that Chris Nolan has said that he wanted to make a trilogy and this is a trilogy. As far as we all know, this is it. This is the trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises is the third part of what Chris created with Batman Begins and we’re not looking past that. I’ve said this about Chris before: I’ve never known Chris to do anything but focus on the movie he’s making. He gets completely immersed in the movie he’s doing and I know that all he’s thinking about right now when it comes to Batman, the Dark Knight Rises, is making it the best movie he can. He’s not thinking, “will there be another one?” And he’s already said, in his mind, it’s a trilogy. So I think he’s just focusing on making this the best he possibly can and that’s it.

That sums up the Batman related news from the article, be sure to click the source link to read the full interview.