‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to film in Detroit, not Chicago? [Update]

Update 01/09/11: Now the Chicago Film Office Director has responded to this news. Check out what he has to say in this Chicago Tribune interview.

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding The Dark Knight Rises shooting locations. Recently there’s been some doubt as to whether Christopher Nolan and crew would be heading back to Chicago, the city that has been part of “Gotham” in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Reel Chicago adds to this doubt in a recent article, claiming that Detroit will be home to Gotham instead. I reached out to Reel Chicago, hoping to get some clarification on the matter, here’s what they had to say:

Chicago was mentioned as a location, but we got it on extremely good source that it would film in Michigan instead.

Meanwhile, Collider received some exclusive information about Warner Bros.’ upcoming Superman: Man of Steel, which touches on The Dark Knight Rises. They claim it’s just a rumor at this point, but here’s what their source had to say:

I believe that the stand in for Metropolis will be Chicago and NOT Vancouver. This is one of the key reasons why The Dark Knight Rises has moved to Detroit because TDKR doesn’t have as many ariel shots as Superman and so the audience will not know the difference. The ariel shots in TDKR will be CGI enhanced as will the Superman shots.

Finally, The Detroit News has responded to claims that The Dark Knight Rises will be filmed there. Here’s what they had to say:

Lansing’s Michigan Film Office has yet to receive an application from the film’s production company. “Until we have the application in hand, it is speculation,” says [Michelle] Begnoche, communications advisor for the Film Office. Created in 1979, the Michigan Film Office works to assist and attract incoming TV and film production companies Among other duties, the state department assists in location procurement.

That should get you up-to-date with the latest rumors surrounding The Dark Knight Rises shooting locations. We’ll have to wait and see whether Detroit becomes home to Gotham City, though we won’t have to wait long. Shooting is scheduled to begin this May and more details are likely to be revealed soon.

SOURCE: Reel Chicago, Collider, Detroit News