Official ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ press release imminent? [Update]

Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex tweeted that he chatted with Christopher Nolan (and wife Emma Thomas) after the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Boucher says they were talking about “big things to come”. Meanwhile, BOF is reporting that an official The Dark Knight Rises press release is “imminent”.

Stay tuned to as we wait for an official press release, and check out this article I wrote last week to catch up on all the official news from the past year The Dark Knight Rises: Everything We Know So Far.

Update: I reached out to Jett of BOF for some clarification on the word “imminent”, here’s what he had to say:

Now “imminent” is a relative term.  But they are finishing up casting and the characters are going out to merchandisers, etc. who need to know.  I bet it’s within the next month — probably sooner.