‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to film in Romania and India? [Update]

There have been a lot of rumors regarding where The Dark Knight Rises will be filming. We know that Christopher Nolan was definitely on a worldwide search in Asia, and today I have a few more details about where he was looking. A source that I trust let me know that Romania and India are locations where The Dark Knight Rises is likely to be shot. He also echoed what we’ve heard before — Los Angeles, the UK, and he was confident that they’d be heading back to Chicago at some point too. I was also told that additional locations in the UK are being scouted within the next few weeks. I know this is a small rumor after the blockbuster official announcement from yesterday, but I wanted to pass it along.

Update: Several readers have sent in an article from Romania Insider, which confirms that Christopher Nolan was scouting in Romania, and the film’s producers have met with city officials. According to the article, Nolan is interested in Bucharest’s historical center, Edgar Quinet Street, Palace of Parliament, and the Turda salt mines.