A closer look at Romania locations for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Last week I reported that Christopher Nolan was interested in shooting The Dark Knight Rises in Romania and India. Today I’ve come across two reports from a news channel in Romania that offer a better look at the locations Nolan was scouting. It looks like the reporters were also trying to get comments from city officials. If anyone reading this is from Romania and can translate, I’d appreciate it! Take a look at the two news reports after the break to get a better sense of what locations Nolan had in mind when he visited Romania in December.

Update: Thanks to Superhero Hype! message board user “BatmanBeyond” we have translations! Check them out under their related videos after the break.


It mentions that Nolan and his team have already been to Bucharest to inspect potential filming locations, but that he hasn’t decided on the actual locations yet. The mayor mentions that Nolan and his team pointed out a few locations they would like to use for filming and asked when it would be best to film, so as not to cause problems for the local authorities (he actually sais that he “doesn’t want to bother the whole town because of Batman”). The report also mentions Nolan’s intention to film some scenes at the Turda Salt Mines. Again, Nolan and his team have inspected the location but have yet to make a decision regarding the site. It seems that the Parliament House in Bucharest (that massive building that can be seen towards the end of the report) will definetely be one of the locations they will use for filming according to the report.


The report starts with mentioning that filming in Bucharest would begin at the end of March (Editor’s note: I’ve heard that filming will begin in early May). Again the mayor is asked if the next Batman movie will be filmed in Bucharest and he answers affirmatively. It’s mentioned that Nolan scouted these locations back in December. A representative from the Turda Salt Mines mentions(again) that no final decision has been made, but that Nolan and his team have scouted the location. So, to conclude…it seems that Bucharest will almost certainly be featured. As for the Salt Mines…nothing’s certain yet.

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