‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Michigan locations revealed?

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding where The Dark Knight Rises will film. Detroit, Michigan made the news recently as a possible replacement for Chicago, which was used in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Today there’s evidence that Warner Bros. has been scouting locations in Michigan. The following quote comes from Michigan State Senator, Rick Jones:

A film company is investigating Grand Ledge for filming a new Batman movie. They looked at Fitzgerald Park, The Grand Ledge water treatment plant, and the underground vault area.

It’s unclear if the scouting was done by Christopher Nolan himself, or “people on the large payroll at Warner Bros”, as Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex would say. New Orleans made the news after Warner Bros. scouted locations for Nolan this past fall, however Nolan decided not to pursue that location. Boucher summed it up best in a comment to one of the New Orleans stories here on Batman-News.com:

Warner Bros is interested in keeping Chris Nolan happy at this point and I have no doubt that people on the very large payroll of Warners go around all the time and try to line up options for him. But really any “they” that was interested in New Orleans isn’t the “they” that makes decisions on this movie.

We know Nolan has been searching all over the world for the perfect place to film The Dark Knight Rises, we’ll find out soon if Detroit was lucky enough to make the official cut.

Thanks David for the heads up!

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SOURCE: Michigan Messenger