‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to include Robin? Don’t count on it [Update]

Earlier this week Michigan State Senator, Rick Jones, confirmed that Warner Bros. was scouting for Nolan’s last Batman movie, and now a local Michigan news channel claims that Robin will show up in The Dark Knight Rises.

They looked at the Ledges as well as a water treatment plant located inside the park. Sources say the area is being considered as a hideout for Batman sidekick Robin.

I try to just report the news and keep my opinion off of Batman-News.com, but I don’t think anyone should read too much into this. I’m sharing it with you because large movie websites are starting to report the story. Both Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have been very vocal about Robin in the past. Christopher Nolan has said that Robin wouldn’t fit the story he’s trying to tell, and Christian Bale went as far as saying “[Robin] is the most humiliating role in Batman”. I’d be shocked to see Robin appear in The Dark Knight Rises.

Update 02/06/11: The Daily Blam! reached out to Alex Goldsmith, the WILX reporter who started this rumor. Here’s what he had to say:

I heard from three sources, the only one who would go on camera being state Sen. Rick Jones. All three mentioned the water treatment facility being considered for “Robin’s Cave” specifically. I’m not as up on my Batman lore as others but I wasn’t aware that Robin got a cave. As this was just a scouting mission, I don’t have any details on actors or even confirmation as to what role he’ll play. I just know what my 3 sources told me. Granted the production team scouting could’ve given them “Robin’s Cave” as a red herring.