Ra’s al Ghul definitely won’t be in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The last time we saw Ra’s al Ghul on screen he was in a train that flew off a monorail and exploded into thousands of pieces. In the comics, Ra’s would rejuvenate himself in the Lazarus Pit, but that type of recovery wouldn’t fit in Christopher Nolan’s world. Still, many fans thought it was possible he’d return in The Dark Knight Rises, especially with the rumors of Talia making an appearance. Unfortunately for those looking forward to Liam Neeson reprising his Batman Begins role — it’s not going to happen. In an interview with IGN, Neeson explained that he “definitely” won’t be in The Dark Knight Rises:

We spoke to Neeson this past weekend and asked him if he will play Ra’s [al Ghul] again at some point. The character, after all, is virtually immortal in the comics. His response was that he “definitely” won’t be in the next film and hasn’t even been approached about it, but he’d maybe kick around the idea of returning as Ra’s down the line sometime.

Could Talia al Ghul still be making an appearance to avenge the death of her father? We’ll have to wait and see.