Confirmed: Marion Cotillard in talks to join ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, new locations revealed

Yesterday news broke that Marion Cotillard would be joining the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, and today we have some new details. A rep for Cotillard revealed exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter that the actress is indeed “in discussions” but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Marion Cotillard is expecting her first child this spring, and is currently going over any scheduling conflicts that may interfere with The Dark Knight Rises. According to THR, Cotillard would have to be ready by June to shoot in London, and then Los Angeles and Pittsburgh for the rest of the summer. She would wrap up filming in November in New York. While it’s still unclear what role Cotillard is in talks for, it certainly seems like it’s a big one.

THR also notes that Christopher Nolan is meeting with other actresses for Christian Bale’s love interest. According to insiders, Nolan has met with Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. Again, it’s unclear if these actresses are competing against Cotillard, or if it’s for a completely different role.

Deadline has promised to bring some “clarity” to this recent news later today. Stay tuned to for the latest on that development when it happens.