First set photo from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]

Update: Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex sent me a tweet to help clear up some of the confusion around this photo. What we’re looking at is the Arkham Aslyum set that appeared in 2005’s Batman Begins. In fact, Boucher stood on the steps of Arkham when he visited the Inception set back in 2010. Arkham Asylum could very well make its return in The Dark Knight Rises, but the set pictured here has been standing for at least six years.

Has the first photo from the The Dark Knight Rises set been revealed? A member of the JoBlo forums has posted a photo of the Arkham Aslyum set and said “my good mate who is working on set at cardington where it’s being shot sent me this”. The photo appears to be legit, and we’ve heard they’ll be shooting in the Cardington hangars. Check out the full photo after the break and judge for yourself.

SOURCE: JoBlo [via Nolan Fans]