Christian Bale begins to prepare for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

While I’m sure Christian Bale has already begun to get in shape for The Dark Knight Rises, take this particular story with a grain of salt. Showbiz Spy had the following to report, via a “source” close to Bale:

With Bruce Wayne and Batman he feels this is his last chance to really nail the role. He’s pouring over comic books and he’s started the kind of diet and exercise regime that is more in line with an Olympic athlete than an actor. He’s going to be in the best shape of his life by the time he gets the Bat suit on again.

It’s still unclear if Bale will get as big as he was in Batman Begins. However, with Tom Hardy bulking up to about 200lbs. for Bane, it’s likely we’ll see Bale around 185lbs. like he was in The Dark Knight. I can’t imagine they’d want Batman bigger than his strongest foe.

SOURCE: Showbiz Spy