If not Falcone, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Black Mask in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?


It’s been a crazy few days for The Dark Knight Rises news hasn’t it? First Variety confirmed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined the cast, then they reported that he was playing Alberto Falcone, and now Entertainment Weekly says he’s playing a completely different role. So who exactly is Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing? Batman on Film thinks they have the answer…

When news broke that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was playing Alberto Falcone, BOF posted the following:

I had heard JGL was definitely playing ONE of the following characters: Black Mask or Alberto Falcone. Honestly, I REALLY thought he was going to be Black Mask and I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I did figured [sic] one of these was a red herring and I’m glad the decoy was [Black Mask] and not Alberto. Really, I thought he was going to be Black Mask and I’m glad I was wrong!

Now this is where things get even crazier. Earlier today after Entertainment Weekly published their article, BOF edited their original post  — replacing all references of Black Mask with “Xxxxx Xxxx”. Did BOF make the change to protect their relationship with Warner Bros. in an attempt to not give away Gordon-Levitt’s character? Perhaps. But now the BOF article has been edited again…this time back to it’s original form with “Black Mask” intact. [Update 03/22/11: BOF has once again removed all mentions of Black Mask from their original article]

One things for sure… Variety and Entertainment Weekly, two reputable publications, received conflicting reports on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role. With filming just about a month away, we’re likely to get some official information soon to clear up all these casting rumors. So which side are you on? Alberto Falcone, Black Mask, someone else? Let your opinion be heard in the comments.