Gotham Police SUV spotted in Chicago for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

It seemed as though Chicago would not be home to The Dark Knight Rises, as it was to The Dark Knight and Batman Begins… until now. Superhero Hype received an interesting tip from a Chicago resident:

I might have proof that they are shooting The Dark Knight Rises here in Chicago. I was making a delivery at an auto parts store in Rolling Meadows and I drove past an automotive paint and decal shop and saw a GPD SUV parked out front.

Superhero Hype notes that the Chicago car shop could just be preparing the Gotham Police SUV’s to ship to Pittsburgh, or perhaps even Los Angeles. This photo could also be from 2007 as well. It’s unclear exactly when it was taken, though the tipster implies that it’s a recent photo. We’ll have to wait and see if The Dark Knight Rises does indeed return to Chicago, but this photo should give hope to the locals who’ve been wanting Christopher Nolan’s Batman in their city one last time. Check out the full shot after the break.

SOURCE: Superhero Hype