Marion Cotillard confirms ‘summer project’, is it ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Marion Cotillard. Back in February, Cotillard’s rep confirmed that the actress was “in talks” for a part in The Dark Knight Rises. Cotillard is due to give birth to her first child within the next few weeks, and she was trying to see if The Dark Knight Rises would fit her schedule. The Independent interviewed Cotillard recently and got her to confirm that she does have an upcoming project this summer. Cotillard wouldn’t say specifically what it was, but did say “I have a project for the summer. Different thing that I don’t wanna talk about…”. Seems like Christopher Nolan’s secrecy at its finest. Do you think Marion Cotillard’s “summer project” is The Dark Knight Rises? Let me know in the comments!

SOURCE: The Independent