Major action scene in Pittsburgh for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Update]

Update 4/16/11: The Pittsburgh Film Office says there is no truth to this rumor.

A recent report from hints at a major action scene that may take place in Pittsburgh. Continue reading to find out more, if you choose…


Many fine folks have come out of the woodwork to accept accolades for being instrumental in bringing the final installment of the Batman Trilogy to Pittsburgh. There are rumors circulating, however, no one person is responsible. A building is. The ability to explode the Civic Arena and use the footage for a key scene in the movie may have been the key bargaining chip that brought The Dark Knight Rises to Pittsburgh. A series of deals, behind closed doors, between The Pittsburgh Film Office (PFO), Governor Tom Corbett and the Sports and Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh (SEA) may have sealed the deal and brought win-win situations to all parties involved.

This wouldn’t be the first time Christopher Nolan blew up a building for a Batman film. Back in 2007, Nolan and crew demolished the old Brach’s Candy factory — which was Gotham General Hospital in The Dark Knight.