Marion Cotillard on her role in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

A few weeks ago, after months of speculation, we learned that Marion Cotillard would be joining The Dark Knight Rises cast as Miranda Tate. 24 Frames caught up with Cotillard recently and asked about her new role. Cotillard was light on the details, but did have this to say:

Asked by 24 Frames in a recent interview about her part in the film, Cotillard responded with a coy, “My role is a secret, as is the whole project.” So speculation about who she’ll actually be — from a love interest of Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne/Batman to a more shadowy character — can run riot.

Cotillard did offer some thoughts on why she joined the film — namely, a chance to reunite with Nolan. And she said she has a specific regard for Batman among pretty much all the superheroes out there.Just what is it about Batman that makes him so appealing to the actress? It’s that brooding thing. “I think it’s that he’s human,” Cotillard said. “He can’t really fly, and he doesn’t have superpowers. And he has that darkness inside.”

What could be so secret about a Wayne Enterprises board member, eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham? Perhaps there’s more to Ms. Tate than meets the eye. We’ll have to wait and see what impact she ends up having on Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises.

SOURCE: 24 Frames