‘The Dark Knight Rises’ heads to London on May 16th [Update]

The Dark Knight Rises just wrapped up in India, and now it’s moving to the next location. I’ve received word from multiple sources that The Dark Knight Rises will be filming next week on St. John Street in London. The shoot will last about four days, from May 16th until the 20th. Local businesses in the area have been told that they’ll hear gunshots during this time. It’s likely that they’ll film at The Farmiloe Building on St. John Street — this was used as the Gotham City Police Station in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Stay tuned to Batman-News.com for all the latest on The Dark Knight Rises.

Update 05/11/11: Bat-fan Bilal has a few more details regarding the shoot in London next week:

I work in Gresham Street, a banking area in Central London. St Johns street is 10 minutes walk from my office so i walked over to the Farmiloe building after work. Good news….

2 huge Panamax lorries with cables running into the building, all lighting crew outside on guard, black tinted people carrier with Filming Unit written on it.. I can confirm the shots are ALL internal. I saw the inside of the room that they were FRESHLY painting – it is very close to the street.

I asked many questions…the lighting guy was very kind and told me a lot. I said ” will there be any filming on the weekend” he said no. I said ” will there be any late night filming?” he said NO. I also asked when was best time to get pictures. He said if i come at lunchtime next week. I will see several important cast (he hinted repeatedly it was Bale). He said they would have to come out of the building to get lunch and i should come to get pictures. He also said paparazzi was likely as the location had been leaked. He also said as cover they were telling everyone they were filming a Heinz Baked Bean commercial.

Update 05/12/11: Hollywood Chicago has even more details about the shoot. Check out their report here.