‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will cost at least $250 million to make

The Dark Knight Rises has created some tension between Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. The two companies were 50/50 partners on The Dark Knight, which went on to gross over $1 billion dollars at the box office back in 2008. Now, according to The LA Times, Warner Bros. is hesitant about giving up such a large percent of their most bankable superhero property. More interesting than the controversy though, is that The Dark Knight Rises is expected to cost at least $250 million to produce. According to Box Office Mojo, The Dark Knight had a production budget of $185 million. It seems like Christopher Nolan is going to have even more cash to play with during his last visit to Gotham. With all the on-location shooting that is expected to take place, as well as the cost to shoot more of the film with IMAX cameras, the increased budget will be put to good use. Hopefully some of that money will go to a great viral marketing campaign. Those of you who remember The Dark Knight’s viral marketing campaign will probably agree!

SOURCE: The LA Times