Alon Aboutboul cast as mad scientist in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Someone call a doctor, because the Bat-world has been stunned stiff with possibilities over the latest breaking news. Reports started creeping onto the net late last night that Israeli actor Alon Aboutboul has been cast as a “main villain” in The Dark Knight Rises. The news first broke on Israeli website XNet and was later “confirmed” by Aboutboul’s wife Shir Bilya on Twitter. But who will Aboutboul be playing?

Sources say that the actor’s role will be one of a “particularly evil mad scientist”. Considering the hype surrounding the silver screen debut of one Batman’s most formidable adversaries, posts on message boards, Facebook, and Twitter are screaming for Doctor Hugo Strange. The speculation surrounding the involvement of Hugo Strange in Christopher Nolan’s final visit to Gotham City ran feverishly rampant just a few short months ago. Robin Williams and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, both Nolan alum, had been rumored to be taking on the part of the menacing doctor. The fever went so far as to cause a frenzy of epic proportions over Williams’ March 3rd appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in which he sported a rather Strange-looking beard.

Just a week removed from The Dark Knight Rises’ first official day of shooting at the world famous Mehrangarh Fort in India, which snuffed all memories involving Hugo Strange like a starving flame, the news of Alon Aboutboul’s casting has breathed new life into the old Doctor, causing the flame to spread like wildfire all over the web. Could it be Strange? Could it be an unknown character born from the mind of the brothers Nolan? Could it even be the insane scientist from Peña Dura responsible for the experiment that introduced Bane to the venom that turned him into the hulking specimen we know him to be? The answer may not be revealed until July 20,2012.

Until Aboutboul’s involvement in the film is confirmed in a press release by Warner Bros., the rumors will haunt us like ghosts bathed in grimacing shrouds. Will it take the presence of a Doctor to cure our ails? Alon Aboutboul has played small roles in American films such as Rambo: First Blood Part III (1988), Munich (2005), and Body of Lies (2008) which starred Christopher Nolan’s latest leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio. Most recently, Aboutboul has appeared on television series such as Fringe, The Mentalist, and ABC’s Castle.