The Dark Knight Rises: More set photos, London shoot updates

Lots of The Dark Knight Rises updates today. The first bit of news comes from my friends at According to their source, security on the London set said something big will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) around 2pm. My own source told me that he was warned about gunfire, so perhaps there’s a big action scene being filmed tomorrow? We’ll have to wait and see.’s source also said that Diego Klattenhoff was spotted today wearing a blue Gotham Police Department uniform. You may remember the rumored that Klattenhoff was up for the role of a rookie cop. It seems like that rumor is now confirmed.

Next we have some more photos. reader Mike Ward sent in some great shots of Gotham SWAT vans and police cars, as well as photos of a motorcycle. Could Bruce Wayne be stopping by the Gotham Police department? Lastly, a member of the most popular The Dark Knight Rises Facebook Page shared a photo of Anne Hathaway walking around in London. Hathaway is still sporting her long brown hair, with some blonde highlights. [Update: The picture of Hathaway is not recent, it was taken in March.] Check out the new set photos after the break.

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SOURCE: Hollywood Chicago, The Dark Knight Rises Facebook Page