Our first look at Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? [Kinda]

Update 5/20/11: Ok…who really cares what Anne Hathaway’s hair looks like? The first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane has been revealed!

Selina Kyle/Catwoman has had many different looks throughout the years. She’s been portrayed with long hair, short hair, black hair, brown hair, blonde hair… you name it. Every Batman fan has their own personal favorite “look” for Catwoman. When Anne Hathaway was announced as Selina Kyle back in January, fans immediately began talking about how she’d look in the “wardrobe” (as Wally Pfister put it) and what look Nolan might give her in his last Batman movie. Several great pieces of fan art turned up online as well, which you can view in the Batman-News.com gallery.

After months of debating what Catwoman will look like, it seems like London’s paparazzi have given us the answer. Warner Bros. officially announced that production has begun on The Dark Knight Rises, and several set photos from London have already appeared online. Hathaway was spotted today leaving a friends house, and unless she gets a last minute haircut, I think the photo above gives a clear picture of what Selina Kyle will look like in The Dark Knight Rises. However, those wanting a short-haired Catwoman…fear not. We won’t really know what Catwoman looks like until Warner Bros. releases an official photo (which is hopefully soon!).

[Anne Hathaway photo via Celebrity-Gossip.net]