‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to shoot at Inverness Airport in Scotland

Earlier this week we learned that Christopher Nolan would be shooting The Dark Knight Rises in Glasgow, Scotland, and now we know of another location in Scotland that will be part of the shoot. According to Highland News, The Dark Knight Rises will shoot at the Inverness Airport in the next few weeks.

Bosses at the airport were remaining tightlipped about the deal and would not confirm who the contract is with and which movie will be getting filmed.

Inglis Lyon, managing director of Highlands and Islands Airport Limited, told the Highland News: “I can confirm we have entered into a contract with a film production company. It’s a relatively short contract which will earn the airport some money. I cannot say anymore than that.”

But a film industry insider told the Highland News: “It’s certain that some scenes from the new Batman movie are getting shot at Inverness Airport. I believe it will be next month.

“I am not sure if any of the stars will be there, but I believe they are using the airport to shoot various aerial scenes. It is very exciting and great news for the area.”

SOURCE: Highland News