Iconic Batman scene to take place in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

The Dark Knight Rises filmed at Wollaton Hall this past week, and Guy Jenkins of “Allergic Films” sent in some really cool set photos. First, we see Wollaton Hall, which will be used as the rebuilt Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. The next batch of photos from Jenkins show the set of what could be an iconic Batman scene from the comics, and animated TV series. I’d consider this a minor spoiler, so continue reading if you choose.

It appears that a graveyard set has been built just outside of Wollaton Hall. A graveyard was used in background shots in the beginning of Batman Begins, but Bruce Wayne never returned to his parents grave later on in the film. Could we finally be getting that iconic scene of Bruce Wayne visiting his parents grave in The Dark Knight Rises? Check out the photos and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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