‘The Dark Knight Rises’ stunt to take place in Scotland?

If local authorities give Christoper Nolan the “OK”, a huge stunt may be taking place in Scotland. The shoot is scheduled to last for three days, and would take place at night to minimize disruption. Interested in reading more about this latest The Dark Knight Rises rumor? Click on the spoiler link for more.


A source told The News of the World: “The movie crew desperately want to film this. It’s a key section of the film. Batman is on board a plane that is hurtling to the ground.

“The script says he takes control of it and lands it on the road while it’s on fire. People are going to love it. It’s a tremendous challenge.”

The plane involved would apparently be a Lockheed C-130 Hercules, which was introduced to military service during the 50s.

SOURCE: STV Entertainment