‘The Dark Knight Rises’ teaser trailer description? [Update: Yes]

Update 07/13/11: Looks like this description was real! The teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has leaked online. I’ll have it up here for you in HD as soon as it becomes available.

Fake descriptions of The Dark Knight Rises’ teaser trailer have been circling online ever since the news that it would be shown in front of the final Harry Potter movie. Now, thanks to Collider, we may have a real description of the soon to be released teaser trailer. Additionally, Twitter user Rob Garwood, has posted photos (here and here) from his local cinema that appear to be legit. Garwood also claims to have watched the teaser, and his description is similar to Collider’s.  I’m going to put the description in spoiler tags for those who want to be surprised, if this does turn out to be the real thing.


Do you think this is the real description? We’ll find out soon! Warner Bros. released the official teaser poster last night, and the teaser trailer should be online very soon!

SOURCE: Collider, Rob Garwood

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