Julie Newmar comments on Anne Hathaway, Hathaway comments on Catwoman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

PopcornBiz interviewed the original Catwoman, Julie Newmar, recently. Newmar is best known for playing Catwoman in the 1960’s Batman television show. In the interview she shares her thoughts on Anne Hathaway’s casting. Here are an excerpt from the interview:

“I adore Anne Hathaway,” said Julie Newmar, who is best know for playing Catwoman in the camp 1960s TV series, in a recent interview with PopcornBiz. “First of all, she’s so gorgeous, and there’s something so sweet about her, and I know that she has all these other [performing] abilities. I think she’ll be splendid!”

Meanwhile, Access Hollywood asked Anne Hathaway about The Dark Knight Rises, and what it’s like to play Catwoman. Hathaway revealed that she’s wanted to play Catwoman ever since she was a little girl. Check out the full video interview after the break.

SOURCE: PopcornBiz [via Comic Book Movie]