Gary Oldman: “The Dark Knight Rises will be very special” [Update: video]

LOVEFiLM caught up with Gary Oldman and of course The Dark Knight Rises was brought up. Oldman explained that there are still two months of filming left, they’ll be wrapping up in November. He couldn’t say much about The Dark Knight Rises, but did say that Christopher Nolan has come up with something “very special”. Here’s the full quote:

I can’t tell you anything about it, I’m sworn to secrecy! Yeah, it’s a terrific script, it’s a great story. There was obviously a bit of pressure on Chris to make another one, but he can call the shots now, and I don’t think he’d have made a third for the sake of it. He really wanted to complete what’s, I guess, the trilogy. And he’s come up with something very special.

I’ve been thinking to myself how Christopher Nolan could top The Dark Knight, but Oldman confirmed what I’ve assumed for a long time. Christopher Nolan wouldn’t be back making The Dark Knight Rises if he didn’t believe he could top the last one. How do you think Nolan will top The Dark Knight? Let me know in the comments.

Update 09/18/11: LOVEFiLM posted a video of Gary Oldman’s comments, you can check it out after the break. Thanks Comic Book Movie for the heads up.

The Dark Knight Rises comments start at the 2:37 mark, clicking “play” should automatically take you there.