‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ending will be done completely in VFX?

Yesterday I was alerted to a tweet from Frederick Roche, a Location Sound Recordist based out of London. Roche explained that the ending to The Dark Knight Rises is such a big secret that only Christopher Nolan and four other people know what it is. However, Roche claims to know some information about it… the entire scene will allegedly be done completely in visual effects.

Does this mean there won’t be any actors, or will they be acting against a green screen? It’s unclear at this point. I just wanted to pass along this information since a lot of movie websites are starting to pick up on this tweet. The good news is, there aren’t any spoilers about the ending of The Dark Knight Rises… hopefully this information never leaks out. This rumor just suggests the style in which the ending will be shot.

Here’s the tweet from Frederick Roche: