Jonathan Nolan comments on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ set photos/videos

Jonathan Nolan is Christopher Nolan’s brother, and has played a big part in helping bring Batman to the big screen over the years. Jonathan helped Christopher write the script for both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Jonathan spoke to IGN about his new TV show, Person of Interest and touched on the set photos and videos from The Dark Knight Rises that have made their way online. Here’s what he had to say:

“It was great because we were working [on Person of Interest]. So that was the only way I was able to get down to set was to watch it on YouTube!”

“Yeah, I think the goal with those movies is just to make something so…You know, Chris loves to shoot on these IMAX cameras, these massive cameras. As soon as you release something in the theaters, like a trailer, people go in and they record it with their iPhone or a camera, and they put it online. But when we first released that IMAX prologue for The Dark Knight, the image was so big that no one could record the whole thing with their camera. So you have one YouTube video of the top half of it and another YouTube video of the bottom half.”

“I think the goal with those movies and the thing that Chris is doing and just kicking ass with is making a movie so big that you couldn’t possibly fit all of it. Even in tiny little pieces, you still wouldn’t get a sense of the scale of it. I saw a little bit the other day, and the scale is just vast.”

I wonder what Jonathan thinks about the latest bit of news to come out of The Dark Knight Rises’ set in Los Angeles?

SOURCE: IGN [via Comic Book Movie]