Want to work on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ visual effects?


The Dark Knight Rises VFX supervisor Paul Franklin sent out a tweet yesterday, alerting people to job listings for Double Negative Visual Effects (Dneg). If you’re in the VFX business and want to work on The Dark Knight Rises, you should send in an application and see what happens. As Franklin said himself, it couldn’t hurt to try!

Here’s a bit about Franklin, from his IMDb biography:

In 2003 Franklin served as Dneg’s VFX supervisor on Batman Begins which brought him his first BAFTA nomination. Franklin subsequently supervised Dneg’s contribution to The Dark Knight, garnering BAFTA and Oscar nominations. In 2009 director Christopher Nolan invited Franklin to be overall VFX supervisor for his film Inception. Franklin’s work on the film earned him an Oscar as well as BAFTA and VES wins. Franklin continued his working relationship with Nolan as VFX supervisor for The Dark Knight Rises.

Dneg is currently hiring in London and Singapore. Think you have what it takes to work with an Oscar winning VFX person like Franklin? Check out the source link below for more information.

SOURCE: Dneg Jobs