‘The Dark Knight Rises’ wins SCREAM award for Most Anticipated Movie (video)

[video poster="http://batman-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/SCREAM11_THE_DARK_KNIGHT_RISES_1v2.jpg" mp4="http://mtvnmobile.vo.llnwd.net/kip0/_pxn=0+_pxK=18639/44620/mtvnorigin/gsp.spike-assets/spikecomstor/media/event/scream/2011/highlights/SCREAM11_THE_DARK_KNIGHT_RISES_1280x720_3500_h32.mp4"]

The 6th annual SCREAM Awards were taped last weekend and The Dark Knight Rises won “Most Anticipated Movie”! The fans got to vote for the winner, so thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman were there to accept the award. Hathaway did most of the talking, and even poked fun at Christian Bale’s bat-voice, which fans have come to love or hate at this point. We’ll be able to check out the full acceptance speech tomorrow night when the SCREAM Awards air at 9pm EST on SPIKE. For now, watch the short clip SPIKE has released online from the show. I’ve also included a few photos of Hathaway, Gordon-Levitt and Oldman accepting the award after the break.



SOURCE: SPIKE [photos via Just Jared]