‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to occupy Wall Street?

The Dark Knight Rises production is heading to New York City next week, where Christopher Nolan will shoot the final scenes for his epic Batman finale. Earlier this year we learned that Nolan had been scouting locations around the New York Stock Exchange, but the recent “Occupy Wall Street” protests may make their way into the film too. The Los Angeles Times has the story:

Occupy Wall Street is of course the movement that began in Lower Manhattan and has since spread to other cities, including downtown Los Angeles. It marked its 30th day on Monday and in New York has gathered supporters at Zuccotti Park downtown as well as in locations in Midtown Manhattan and elsewhere in the city. It seeks to bring attention to banking deregulation, Wall Street bonuses and other practices that supporters say threaten the prospects of the working- and middle class.

While it’s unclear what shape the protean movement will take in the coming weeks, the demonstrations will almost certainly be continuing during the period that “The Dark Knight Rises” shoots in New York. While the person who’d been told of the plans said the protests could figure into the production, they said that doesn’t mean they will be included in the storyline.

In other words, Nolan, who’s known for carefully planning out scenes months in advance, wouldn’t necessarily be tweaking the script; he’d simply be using the protests as a backdrop or a stand-in for something that already exists in the film.

The Dark Knight Rises will shoot in NYC for about two weeks beginning on October 29th. Besides Wall Street, the Queensboro Bridge is also a likely location where NYC residents will see The Dark Knight.

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times