What to expect: upcoming November comics

I thought I’d try something new and write an article about what’s coming out ahead of time so you can set aside a budget for the month and adjust your pull list accordingly.

I even came up with a scale of anticipation:
None.  –   I’ll get to it…eventually   –   Eh…meh   –   Bring it. –   TAKE MY MONEY!!!



Did you read Brian Azzarello’s graphic novel “Joker'”? Even if you didn’t love the story (and who couldn’t?) you have to admit that the art was gorgeous. Lee Bermejo, the illustrator behind “Joker” is back with “Batman: Noel” and this time he’s taking on writing duties as well. Should be interesting since this is the first time Bermejo has not only written a bat-book, but any book, period. Oh, and the story combines Batman with Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” so there’s definitely a lot of potential and a heck of a lot of hype behind this book.

Check out more of Bermejo’s work at his blog

Anicipation Level:     TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Batwing #3

Injured Batwing teams up with retired African superhero ThunderFall to bring down Massacre…and hopefully catch this story up to the opening 3 pages of issue #1 in the process. This book has some nice art, but the story needs to progress and give us a reason to care about Batwing. Soon. Or even more people are likely to not care about what happens to this fringe bat-title. One step in the right direction would be to give Batwing a better mask. He’s decked out in top of the line armor everywhere except his head. Sure he’s wearing ear-guards, but the actual head-part of everything above the neck is completely exposed and, well, stupid looking.

Anticipation Level:     Eh…meh.

Detective Comics #3

The Gotham Strangler Batman’s been chasing over the past two issues is mad. Not that Batman found him, but because he wants to be known as “The Dollmaker” instead. He also has a bizarre Texas Chainsaw Massacre-like family including a daughter that’s wearing a sexy nurse outfit. These baddies also appear to have harmed Gordon in issue #2’s final page cliffhanger. Maybe we’ll even get to see what happened to the Joker since he lopped his face off? This is surely going to be an action packed issue, but it also has incredible potential to bring a nose-dive in quality to this story arc. I mean, the Doll-Maker family just seems like too much. And would it kill Tony S. Daniel to add some detective work to DETECTIVE comics? Either way, I’m curious to see how things go down in this issue.

Anticipation Level:     Bring it.


Batgirl #3

Batgirl has been a solid comic. One of the best Bat-titles out there, actually, and it doesn’t get enough attention. And this issue features a guest appearance by Dick Grayson. Yeah, THAT Dick Grayson. And we’ve all wanted to see some kind of interaction between Dick and Barbara ever since she stood up out of that chair.

Anticipation Level:     TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Batman & Robin #3

Damian has regressed to his old homicidal self in Batman & Robin and that’s leading to some good conflict between him and his father. Watching Bruce and Alfred try to save Damian’s soul makes for good drama and the new villain, Nobody, is definitely interesting. After learning that Nobody knows Bruce from the Ducard-days in issue #2 and that he plans to bring down not only Batman, but Batman Inc. as well, this book has a lot of potential to be quite good if Peter J. Tomasi can progress the story more than he was able to do in issue #2.

Anticipation Level:     Bring it.

Batwoman #3

I feel like the worst Batwoman reviewer online. I really do. Everywhere I look, be it other review sites or message board conversations, I’m the odd man out. This is the prettiest book on the shelf, sure, but I don’t care for Batwoman’s supernatural adventures. I do like the brief glimpses at her personal life, though. Issue #3 promises to show Batwoman finally confronting the ghost that’s been stealing Gotham’s children so that’ something to get excited about, I guess.

Anticipation Level:     Eh…meh.

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #2 (of 5)

This could be the definitive Penguin story folks. Get on board this 5 part mini-series immediately. Part 1 was perfect and shows off a Penguin who is ruthless and oddly sympathetic at times…but mostly ruthless. And it delivered that impeccable characterization, that rich story, without bringing Batman into the plot until the final page. This time, in issue #2, we get to see how Batman and Penguins relationship works…or we’ll just get to see Batman pummel Penguin. Either way, I’m looking forward to it!

Anticipation Level:     TAKE MY MONEY!!!


Batman #3

Bruce does some serious detective work to uncover what the secret owl themed society is up to. This story arc promises to have Batman in a war for Gotham City’s soul and it’s written by Scott Snyder, the guy behind American Vampire and Swamp-Thing. How could you not want to pick this up?

Anticipation Level:     TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Batman: Odyssey #2 (of 7)

I haven’t been reviewing this book because I don’t have any of ’em. I’m going to try and win an auction for the first 7 books on eBay today. Which you may be thinking “But this is issue 2 of 7, how can you be buying the first seven book?!” Well, Batman: Odyssey started out as a 13 part series, but was broken in half and renumbered at #1 to coincide with the New 52.  From what I hear it’s a crazy book. And not in a good way, either. Sure, Neil Adams is one of the most famous Batman artists of all time, but he’s not as renowned for his writing skills. I don’t know what it’s about and I’m not going to spoil myself by reading a wiki page or anything since I’m about to buy it anyway. But I’d say I’m mildly excited since it’s supposed to be so…weird. I mean look at that cover. That’s bat**** insane.

Anticipation Level:     Eh…meh.

Catwoman #3

It’s going to be interesting to see where Judd Winick goes with this title. Selina needs a supporting cast and in the end of last month’s episode he killed off the only supporting character that wasn’t Batman. And hopefully this new villain, Bone, is more interesting than his name and look implies. Right now it looks like he’s a poor man’s Black Mask. But this has been an entertaining book so far so I have confidence that Winick and March will deliver another fast-paced adventure. Oh, and bring a poncho, there will be blood.

Anticipation Level:     Bring it.

Justice League #3

Geoff Johns does NOT write a fast-paced story, that’s for sure. Just look at Aquaman #2, the first half of that book was just The Trench monsters saying “food.” I got it, Mr. Johns. I got it after the first two pages. It’s a massacre and they like to eat people. Get the ball rolling! And in issue #3 of Justice League we are just now getting to see Wonder Woman and ol’ Aquaman still isn’t a part of the gang. Expect to see more funny dialogue between the characters and a lot of glorious Jim Lee artwork again, but don’t get your hopes up about the story actually progressing. Keep an eye out for a variant cover.

Anticipation Level:     Bring it.

Nightwing #3

Nightwing is going to Chicago! After inheriting Haley’s Circus and learning that there’s a mystery to uncover in issue #2, you’ve gotta come back for #3. Seeing Dick manage a circus, uncover secrets about his past, and visit a new city just feels too fresh and exciting to pass up. I’d give it a “TAKE MY MONEY!!!” but I’m trying to not get my hopes too high. This book hasn’t earned that, yet.

Anticipation Level:     Bring it.


Batman: The Dark Knight #3

How can Batman bring down a toxin-enhanced Joker? Who else has been injected by the mysterious White Rabbit? And what is her master plan? Who cares? This book is crap. I guess if you want to see cartoon boobage and Batman’s rogues acting out of character and looking hulked-out then yeah, this is the comic for you.

Anticipation Level:     None. Cancel this book!


No ongoing books or mini-series come out this week. Instead, pick up a few non-Batman titles. I’m currently really into Wonder Woman, Swamp-Thing, Animal Man, American Vampire, Spaceman, Ghostbusters, Aquaman, Action Comics, and Ultimate-Spiderman. I think Avenging Spider-Man comes out this month, too. It’s basically a Batman: Brave & the Bold thing, but with Spider-Man teaming up with Marvel characters. What comics are you all looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!