New 52 – Catwoman #3 review

Well that escalated quickly!

When we last saw Selina Kyle she had discovered the dead body of her best friend and long-time fence, Lola. She then got the crap beat out of her by the very same attackers who murdered Lola and we were introduced to brand new villain “Bone” who has a weird deformity that makes him look well…bone-skinned like…ish. Whatever, the issue was solid and Bone seemed like a lame Black Mask knock off and that the series was going to go downhill. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

The past two Catwoman contents were jam packed with content and this one has just as much excitement but runs at a break-neck pace. You’ll be done with it in no-time, but that doesn’t take any points away from the book’s quality. This is one of the best series that I review. I never know what’s going to happen next, I like the art, the interactions between Selina and Batman, the depth of Selina’s character, and these seemingly inescapable situations she keeps finding herself in is endlessly exciting.

The only thing holding this book back is the lack of a supporting cast. Not that Selina can’t hold the book on her own. In fact, we get to see her break down here and realize how her adrenaline addiction is getting people hurt. We get to see her fall apart as she realizes that she and Batman could possibly be together if she didn’t compulsively screw things up every time just because a part of her likes being chased.

In the last issue I complained about how Lola’s death was a detriment to the series because she was the only supporting character that wasn’t Batman and now she was dead. Well, it seems that Winick might be brining Lola back in flashbacks. It’s my hope that this becomes a trend. And although Catwoman is a bit of a loner we can see a supportive network of friends that she has lost on her way to becoming Catwoman via flashbacks. I think that’d be nice.

As for Bone, he turns out to be all talk. Catwoman herself even acknowledges him as a C-list gangster and watching her go after this punk is a real thrill and 100% brutal. I don’t think Catwoman could have a better creative team than the one it has in Judd Winick and Guillem March.

SCORE: 9/10