Empire reveals ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ covers featuring Batman and Bane [Update]

On Friday, Empire put up a page teasing the reveal of exclusive Batman and Bane magazine covers. Fans quickly voted on the cover they wanted to see most, and after 300,000+ votes later, the two exclusive covers have been revealed! We get our first official look at Batman from The Dark Knight Rises, and our second look at Bane.

Check out the full versions of these covers after the break, and let me know which is your favorite in the comments. Also, what do you think that gadget is that Batman’s holding? These magazines go on sale on November 24th, so hopefully that question will be answered. Along with more photos, we can also look forward to an exclusive interview with director Christopher Nolan. I’ll post a summary of the article here on Batman-News.com as soon as I can get my hands on it!

Update: Empire has added better quality photos of the covers, which includes quotes from Christian Bale and Tom Hardy. I’ve added them after the break, check them out!

Christian Bale on Bruce Wayne:

He has to answer the question: how long do you let pain dominate your life?

Tom Hardy on Bane:

He’s brutal. He’s a terrorist. A really horrible piece of work.


SOURCE: Empire