Batman: Arkham Unhinged #3 review

Admittedly, the “Inside Job” 3-part storyline hasn’t been that interesting but its climax is quite good. It’s where we see that the team behind it is a big fan of Arkham City’s combat, and who isn’t? It’s so fluid! The fight scene between Batman vs. Two-Face thugs vs. Tyger guards is one of the best battles seen in a Batman comic recently. In fact, Batman really hasn’t gotten into ANY good brawls in the new 52 so far but here we see Batman really laying the smack down AND incorporating his gadgets into the fight at the same time. That’s pretty rare and quite sad that we don’t see this sort of thing more often and it’s great that the video game’s superior combat system inspired both writer and artist to deliver a cool fight scene in which Batman uses more than his fists, feet, and a couple batarangs. And although Batman still doesn’t look quite right especially in this ugly shot:

The overall feel of the issue is action packed and quite fun. There are some good lines between Batman and Catwoman and Two-Face is at his most unlikable. I’d say it’s definitely worth the dollar this time. It’s a great finale to an sub-par tale, but you haven’t seen combat like this in a Batman comic for a while and it might even inspire you to raise you high score on the Arkham City Challenge Maps!

Worth a Buck or Not?

Worth a buck!