What to expect: upcoming December comics

Here’s a list of Batman comics coming out this month graded on a scale of my own anticipation:
None. –  I’ll get to it…eventually  – Eh…meh  –  Bring it.  –  TAKE MY MONEY


Batwing #4

I remember liking the last issue of Batwing…but I don’t remember exactly how it ended. That’s not a great sign. What I do remember is liking the segments of the book that focused on Batwing’s childhood when he was a child soldier. Now that was interesting! And according to this issue’s synopsis there’s going to be plenty more of that subplot coming up. I know this isn’t a title that a lot of people are interested in and I can pretty much guarantee it won’t be around this time next year what with the lack of interest from most comic readers, but it’s been a decent story so far. And the art may have been some of the best of any bat-title…although this barely qualifies as a bat-title, the book has a different artist this month and the work is nowhere near the same level of quality.

Anticipation Level:    Bring it.

Detective Comics #4

Wow, it really does feel like it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Batwing and Detective, right? That extra week in November where all we had was Batman: Odyssey really threw things off. Ahem, from what I remember Batman was tied up in a weird trap (that he should never have been caught in the first place) where he would have to fight puppet Jokers for the entertainment of bidders who want to buy Batman’s face. I’m pretty sure this is the end of the Dollmaker story arc so hopefully it goes out with a bang. I’ve been losing interest in this series gradually so I’m not that stoked about this issue, but I’m anxious to see this story come to a close.

Tony Daniel draws a damn fine Batman though.

Anticipation Level:     Eh…meh.

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #3 (of 5)

I gave issues #1 and #2 a 10/10 so yeah, I’m excited for this. But at the same time I can’t help but wonder where this story is going. So far it’s been a magnificent character study and we still need to know how Penguin rose from being an angry, vengeful youngster to being one of Gotham’s most powerful and respected crime bosses…but what next? What would constitute a satisfying conclusion to this miniseries?
Anticipation Level:     TAKE MY MONEY!


The All-New Batman: The Brave and The Bold #14

If you haven’t seen the episode “Chill of the Night” or the series finale of this show, do yourself a favor and look it up. Immediately. My sister gets this comic for my 4 year old nephew and he loves it. This issue is about Batman and Ragman teaming up for a Hanukah adventure. Should be interesting. And with the TV show it’s based on canceled, I can’t help but wonder how many more issues this series has left.

Anticipation Level:    Don’t take It too seriously. Kids should like it no matter what. And if it’s anything like the last issue “Calling all Robins” it should be a blast

Batgirl #4

DC says “all the answers start right here” and they better because we’re all getting a little tired of not knowing how Barbara started walking again. Honestly, it’s something her friends in all the other bat-titles should still be talking about. I know if I had a close friend who was paralyzed by a homicidal clown and then like 3 years later miraculously stood out of the chair I would never shut up about it! Each issue of Batman & Robin should have Alfred saying “I still can’t get over this Babs business.” and Batman exclaiming “I KNOW!”

Anticipation Level:    Bring it.

Batman and Robin #4

Issue #3 ended with a great cliffhanger in which Batman and Robin awoke in a desolate drive-in theater where Nobody was about to show them a film. The screen counted down 3…2…1…and we were left wondering what the Nobody special feature was. Whatever it is, DC has promised that this issue will have the origin of Nobody who is shaping up to be one of the best new villains in the DC universe.

Anticipation Level:     TAKE MY MONEY

Batwoman #4

It’s taking a while but I might be warming up to this book. Sure, Batwoman herself is boring and her adventures are to fantastical for me to care, but I really like reading about the personal life of Kate Kane. Plus the artwork is really beautiful. Oh, and I think her sidekick might die soon. At least that was the feeling I had after the last issue.

Anticipation Level:     Eh…meh.


Batman #4

In the last issue Batman pulled back the curtain and saw that the Court of Owls does indeed exist and that they have been in Gotham for decades. However, the Court of Owls was watching Batman infiltrate their lairs and ultimately made Batsy go boom:

In issue #4 we learn why Bruce was so hesitant to believe the Court existed and a terrible trap is sprung by the Court of Owls that is described as being hundreds of years in the making. This is the best ongoing Batman title right now and you’d be crazy to not pick it up.

Anticipation Level:     TAKE MY MONEY!

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes

I’m both anticipating and dreading December 21st because although it brings Batman #4, it also means the return of Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc. and Neal Adam’s Batman Odyssey. But at least Grant Morrison’s stuff can be fun and I’m hoping to enjoy “Leviathan Strikes”, but I can’t stand the idea of Batman Inc. It’s just a horrendous idea that makes Batman more vulnerable than ever before. It’s just a basic rule of warfare that if you cut the supply line the enemy’s forces will wither. Why more villains aren’t attacking Wayne and sabotaging Wayne Enterprises is beyond me.

Leviathan Strikes has 2 things about it that are making everyone scratch their head: 1) It doesn’t take place in the New 52 DC Universe. 2) Stephanie Brown is in the comic, in the old DC Universe, but she’s Spoiler again.

Grant Morrison’s work on Superman is my absolute favorite, but I feel his bizarre fantasy and sci-fi elements don’t fit Batman well. It just doesn’t feel like Batman to me when he’s being warped through time and I’m pretty sick of all of these secret societies. Leviathan Strikes promises Schoolgirl assassins, Bat-robots, Nazi masterminds with Alzheimer’s, and a ton of cameos. I know that excites a lot of you and I’m in the minority. So if this sort of zaniness is what you love, then congratulations, Grant Morrison’s Batman is back…at least for now. The true Leviathan series won’t be out until later. This is just a prologue, basically.

Anticipation Level:     Eh…meh.

Batman: Odyssey #3 (of 7)

Am I looking forward to more of this?

Or this?

Anticipation Level: NO!
Catwoman #4

Selina Kyle’s living the most exciting life of all the Batman characters right now. She’s had to escape a band of thugs, she had sex with Batman, she got revenge on an old enemy, tricked two mob groups into killing each other, lost her best friend, got revenge on the man who killed her best friend, and accidentally framed herself for the murder of her best friend. And that all happened in just 3 issues and it didn’t feel rushed or forced. It’s just a fun adventure and more people should pick up this comic.

Anticipation Level:     TAKE MY MONEY!

Justice League #4

Aquaman just won’t do a cover without that trident will he? And what’s everybody think about the mutton chops? Well, the cover aside, I like the way Geoff Johns writes Aquaman and the character had the best introduction of any of the Justice League characters so far with the line “Who’s in charge here? I vote me.” After killing a nonchalantly killing a parademon (WITH the trident). This is a fun comic that, sure, could move a lot faster, but I’m enjoying it. Hopefully Cyborg joins the team this issue and we can finally get the whole group together and get this show on the road. Darkseid is waiting.

Anticipation Level:     Bring it.

Nightwing #4

Nightwing is one of the most dependable bat-titles. It’s never bad, it’s never mind blowing, but it’s always a reliable source of entertainment each month. I just want to see Kyle Higgins take some more risks, I know he’s capable of it. This time Dick and the circus travel to Miami and we get a team-up with Batgirl that hopefully involves Nightwing saying “Why don’t you tell me the story of how you started walking again? That one never gets old!”

Anticipation Level:     Bring it.


Batman: The Dark Knight #4

I will say this: since I started reading Batman: Odyssey—Batman: The Dark Knight isn’t the worst Batman comic.

Anticipation Level:     None.

Arkham Unhinged

An Arkham City based web comic that comes out once a week and only costs a dollar. I can’t really give an anticipation level for this one because I don’t know what the month will bring for this series. I will say that it’s been okay so far and this is a universe that deserves to be expanded upon. Batman: Arkham Unhinged can be purchased at comiXology.